Jannene lost 9kg's in 30 days

Jannene Lost 9kg's In 30 Days

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I took the challenge and followed all of the guidelines to improve my eating, exercise and mindset!

Before joining the team, I struggled to find the time to get back in shape, but training with my friends and the team made it easier and changed everything!

I’d been training with the team for some time and really enjoyed the training, but the 30 day challenge helped me get into the right mindset to do what was needed and give it my all.

Through healthy eating and daily exercise, I achieved a result that I can be proud of!

As a mother of 3 energetic children, it was important for me to get the weight back down and be able to keep up with them!

I’m so proud of my results as well as the rest of the team! It wasn’t easy to change my eating and get into a regular exercise routine, but the team made it possible and it was definitely worth it!

I’d tried everything with diet and exercise and got nowhere! Hastie Fitness has taught me to eat right, be fit and get RESULTS!

The best thing about the program is we are one big family, we motivate and inspire one another. It’s not like the gym where you force yourself to go and have to figure it out on your own!

In total, I’ve lost 13kg’s now and enjoy every training sessions! Joining the team was the best decision of my life, thank you Hastie Fitness!

I’m 36 years old and started the challenge at 85kg’s. I was overwhelmed by my weight and found myself out of breath trying to keep up with my 3 sons. I’d tried to diet and exercise before, but I would never last more than a couple of days.

With the help of my trainers and the team, I did it! It was a massive change in eating and exercise, but we had all of the support and encouragement to make it through.

The team and the results are amazing!

With the help from Hastie fitness and the support from family and friends I have completed the 30 day challenge. Being a single 41 years young mother of 5 children, I did it!

It’s given me a new outlook on life.

If I can do it anyone can. The trainers are great and the team is wonderful with great support and motivation,  so come on down and give it a go… you won’t regret it, I haven’t!

I started at 65kg. I visited the gym regularly but I wasn’t getting anywhere. I needed a motivation boost and some real results! With the support of my trainer and our team I now weigh 57kg!

I look and feel better than ever before!

Thanks team!

Since joining the team, I’ve noticed BIG changes within myself. Even my friends and family are surprised by my results.

I wouldn’t have thought this was possible, Hastie Fitness has completely changed my way of thinking and I am finally beginning to love myself!

Try it out, you won’t regret it!

Thank you Hastie Fitness!

I tried weight loss pills and shakes, but it hardly worked and then I would put the weight back on, plus more! I had given up and stopped caring about myself. I became so short of breath and so out of energy that I realised I needed to change, otherwise there would be nobody left to look after my son.

I was unfit and unhealthy when I started with the Hastie Family. Now I have more energy to run around with my son without feeling like I’m dying and all of my jeans are loose. I look better, I feel better and I know my son will be looked after!

The 30 Day Challenge has completely changed my life. Not only did I lose 7kg’s, I’m eating better, training better and I enjoy training!

I’m wearing new clothes and I’m constantly getting compliments on how I look… I have more energy, more confidence and I feel amazing!

The challenge transformed me into a completely new person and now I’ve become the example for my family and they’re making changes too!  You’ve got to give it a go!

If you asked me if I thought I’d be able to make these changes to my life and my body before I started the challenge, I would have said no way in the world!

The team gets you into a completely different frame of mind, one where you know you can do it and it all happens so effortlessly!

Everything changed; my eating, my training, my whole lifestyle… I can’t even recognize myself looking back at pictures from a few years ago and I know there’s no turning back now!

I’d tried gyms and diets and wasn’t getting anywhere… I didn’t feel comfortable in the gym and I couldn’t find the motivation to stick to a diet.

Since joining the team, exercise has become fun and I’m enjoying healthy food. I have the support of my team and trainers to keep me motivated and genuinely care about me and my results!

The 30 Day Challenge felt completely amazing! Before I got started I was mainly going for walks for exercise, but since getting started, I’m doing so much more! I’ve changed my exercise, I’ve changed my eating and I’m feeling so much better about myself, I’m going to keep it up!

On the last 30 Day Challenge, I lost 7kg’s and dropped 1½ dress sizes, but my biggest accomplishment was getting my weight down to the 70’s, since I started this entire journey at 120kg’s!

I never expected to make it this far, I’m just REALLY happy that I have… I love the people, I love the exercise, I love everything about it. It’s fantastic! Just try it… you’ve just got to try it!

At 39 years old, as a mother of 4, I never thought I would be able to drop dress sizes in a matter of weeks. I’ve gone from being overweight to being a fit mum and a great role model for my boys.

My trainers helped me with my food and exercise. It was very involved, but it was also a lot of fun!

I couldn’t have done it without the full support of our trainers and the team training by my side, thank you Hastie Fitness!

I joined the team at 64kg’s (my heaviest weight ever) and had already tried workout programs and shakes without any success. I’d lost confidence and needed a leap of change!

Since the challenge, I feel incredibly healthy, energetic and motivated. With my trainer’s support, I’ve changed my mindset and achieved my goals through clean eating and training with the team! I’m now under 57kg’s and that’s amazing results!

Hastie Fitness is our family – a family that trains together and stays together!

Before the challenge, I found it so hard to fit exercise into my busy schedule, but with all of the sessions they ran, I was able to fit it in. The team made me feel welcome and comfortable, so I decided to give it a go.

The challenge kept me motivated and made it easy to enjoy healthy eating, my whole life changed in those 30 days! I made friends, found more confidence and achieved results that will stick with me for life!

I had tried everything… diets, shakes, pills, bootcamps… nothing was working, so I accepted that “being big is beautiful”.

The team has given me the kick-start to making healthier food choices, enjoy exercise and achieve results! My friends and family notice the changes and I’m happy with the progress!

The 30 Day Challenge really proves that anything is possible when you put your mind to it! Food was my biggest weakness before starting the challenge, but over the 30 days I learned to portion out my food correctly so I could keep the variety and still achieve the results!

I really enjoyed the experience with the team keeping me motivated and determined every step of the way. I’m definitely a much more confident person!

I could feel my clothes fitting more loosely each week and had people continuously mention that they could see the changes! It was incredible to see such quick results in such a short space of time. It’s such an amazing experience… everyone should give it a go! I’ve tried all kinds of programs but I love Hastie Fitness. It’s fun, enjoyable and challenging!

Hastie Fitness has helped me turn my fitness goals into a real lifestyle! Coming from an Asian background, my biggest struggle was eating too much of the wrong foods, mainly rice and bread. The 30 Day Challenge has helped me completely turn my eating habits around and made it easy!  I feel less bloated, my stomach has flattened, and I hear regular compliments from my work colleagues on the way my clothes are fitting!

I love the support you receive from your coaches and team members. It’s really encouraging to be in an environment where you can share ideas and make healthy eating an enjoyable experience! If you want to see massive results, just give it a go… you’ve got nothing to lose!

After trying everything, this is the only way that I’ve been able to lose the weight and feel great!

The people are amazing and the trainers are constantly there to support you and keep you motivated!

Thank you Hastie Fitness!

Before joining the team, I found it difficult to commit to any program.  Hastie Fitness helped me get into the right mindset and finally commit to proper training and healthy eating.

The trainers provide all of the guidance we need, while we support and encourage each other as a team to get incredible results!

I’m proud to call the team my family and determined to make the rest of my life, the best of my life. Thank you!

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